The 300 Body




This Guide gives you a straight path to that goal. Without endless
cardio. Without wasting your time on exercises that don’t anything.
And without the need for expensive supplements, drugs, a personal
trainer or any other distractions or potential dangers.

In this Guide you’ll approach getting strong and fit with the
“take no prisoners” and “accept no excuses” approach of the ancient
Spartans. Famous as one of the most strong and fit societies the
world has ever produced.

Below are the chapters that you are about to enjoy reading:

Chapter 1 – Strength Training As Physique Building
Chapter 2 – When And Where To Train
Chapter 3 – The Few, The Proud (A Look At The Spartan Lifts)
Chapter 4 – How The Training Is Structured
Chapter 5 – The Spartan Deadlift
Chapter 6 – The Spartan Squat
Chapter 7 – The Spartan Chest Press
Chapter 8 – Warrior Pull Ups
Chapter 9 – Abs Like A Greek God